Valentine's Day & Paganism

DID YOU KNOW, that the day we celebrate love and affection with our significant others, actually has a dark inception? Forget the roses, the chocolates and the date night. The 50% off chocolate on the 15th and the endless engagement posts you’ll be sure to scroll past. Forget the candles, forget the gifts and forget the candy grams. The truth is, it’s much more than what we know it to be today, so let’s start at the beginning.

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Terri Gascho 3 Comments
The Importance of Like-minded Friends

As a psychology student we learn that our external environment has a big role in shaping who we become as people. Those external stimuli mixed with our biological make up, is what makes us. All that being said, those external factors play a very influential role, and they can be anything from life experience, relationships, trauma, and the list goes on. Relationships, I find, are the key to making all the other experiences the best outcome. Relationships are also one of the only things we can really control when it comes to external influences. It is very important to surround yourself, (especially as a Christian) with people who carry the same foundation of life. 

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